Al LaChance
Maveric Marketing Inc.

Regional Director, TNI The Network Inc.

Al LaChance, President - Maveric Marketing Inc.

She shoots, she scores!!!  Christal worked with the Calgary Roughnecks, Cannons and the Flames and now finally works for herself as now she competes to run the best marketing advertising and sales firm ever.  I've had the opportunity to work with her and see how competitive she is and how much she loves to be number one.  I've worked with her since she started in the industry back in the fall of 2003 and ever since then we've developed a great partnership.  She's one of the best students I've ever taught and she retains all the knowledge that I have ever given her.  She not only works for her own goals but also helps everyone else on the team achieve theirs.

Christal believes in herself and her team, therefore look out, because if you challenge her, you'll lose!!!

Eric Lecompte
Starsky Enterprises Inc.

Eric Lecompte, President - Starsky Enterprises Inc.

Christal Fenning has done a fantastic job in her short time owning her own business. After playing a big role in the success of Big Maveric Marketing, she has moved on to be one of the best success stories in the history of the TNI GOC. Being our Rookie Manager of the Year winner for 06/07 is just the beginning of a very prosperous career in direct sales for Christal.

Congratulations Christal and great job!

Steve Allison
TNI The Network Inc.

Steve Allison, President - TNI The Network Inc.

I have only known Christal for a relatively short period of time, but what an impression she makes.  Christal has always been a winner from day 1.  She rocketed through the requirements towards becoming an agency owner and therefore quickly achieved the ownership of her own agency, Divine Marketing Inc.  She exploded out of the gates, finishing first in the country in production for her first 3 weeks of operations, a feat never achieved before or since.  I have come to know Christal on a personal level, as a new wife, mother and home owner, as well as her business side.  She is a very warm and solid character person with strong family values.  Her buoyant, good attitude combined with her very steady personality are a great compliment to her inner burning desire to be the best, to succeed at all levels.  Not only will Christal continue to succeed in business, but with her winning attitude and composure, she will also continue to be successful in life.

Tien Britton
Associate Director of Business Development
TNI The Network Inc.

Tien Britton, Associate Director of Business Development - TNI The Network Inc.

Christal Fenning is an exceptional individual in this fast paced world of marketing!  She is responsible, hard working and a genuine caring young woman with incredible motivation to achieve her goals.  She has achieved a great deal in the short amount of time in this business – a thriving agency that can boast several first place statuses on the TNI newsletters. It is no surprise that the TNI Group Of Companies awarded her the "Rookie Owner/Manager of the Year".  This achievement was well deserved.  Christal has raised the standard of success for young women and individuals in this industry, and I am confident she will continue her success to expand and grow Divine Marketing.

Marty Bieksa
Sunrize Enterprize Inc.

Regional Director, TNI The Network Inc.

Marty Bieksa, President - Sunrize Enterprize Inc.

I have been working with Christal since she started her career in September 2003. Her enthusiasm and determination has been an inspiration to me. I have observed Christal grow from a fresh faced, excited promotional representative to a seasoned business owner. Every step of the way Christal has been a great example to her team and her peers alike. It is said that the best teachers are the best students. Christal is living proof, always ready to ask questions and share her wealth of information that her curiosity affords her. I am very excited watching her growth and look forward to seeing what the future has to bring her!